Why is GOOGLE Hiding Information From The World?

google me - jeff coga

Yo Jeff Coga here… Back in May of this year – I became very aggressive to out-source majority of my business overseas. Why? Simple… BIG COMPANIES are doing it, why can’t I do it? Companies are taking “non-income producing activities” and sending them over seas… It’s beautiful when you can get a $6 per hour…

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Hate the New Facebook Layout? What’s With You – Become a STALKER!

facebook - jeff coga

Listen up Mark Z just made Facebook’s new profile layout… It’s called the “The Timeline”… This Timeline will revolutionize how we look at Facebook.  This new profile will turn our profiles more into a “scrapbook” aka blog type. “Timeline is the story of your life -a NEW way to express who you are” – Mark…

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