Be A Chinese Bamboo Tree in 2014

bamboo jeff coga

Find Your Inner Chinese Bamboo Tree By Jeff Coga As we come to the ending chapters of 2013 I’m reminded by a story I read in Japanese school when I was little.  And when I hit rock bottom after the real estate market crashed and I was trying to figure out what to do with…

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Don’t EVER Ask What The World Needs…

The_Staring_Contest_jeff coga

It’s 12:46 AM and literally about 10 min ago I was having a staring contest with the back of my eye lids. Not because I have small asian eyes like this… But… Because I was falling asleep working on this big project for my real estate business (keep reading and I’ll give you a glimpse). This…

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[C.O.R.E.I.] Week 13 – Jacked Up Hair to Email Hygiene

bad hair day jeffcoga

Hey, Jeff Coga here… I have a slightly embarrassing confession… I just got a hair cut and I look like I stuck my hair in a weedwacker. Seriously don’t laugh but this is how I feel.  I went to a barber I never go to because the one I go to was “shut down” for…

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What Playing Basketball And Idolizing Michael Jordan Taught Me In Business

michael jordan - jeff coga

I called a buddy of mine this morning at 6:35 am to talk to him about a marketing campaign I’m about to launch and he said to me in his raspy voice… “dude, when do you rest? How do you keep on working like that?” And it didn’t hit me but I started to really…

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The Incredible Power of SWAG Like Self-Confidence

SWAG - Jeff Coga

Today I want to talk to you about something incredibly important to ANY entrepreneurs (especially real estate investors) It is soooo important…  I’m calling this blog entry “The Incredible Power of SWAG Like Self-Confidence.” I had to put a word like “S.W.A.G.” in it. Why? Because entrepreneurs like US need the S.W.A.G. lol Don’t know what…

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